International Extension Training Program 2003-2004

Internationalizing University of Florida IFAS Extension Professional Development and Institutional Building

Overview of Dates and Activities

By the end of the training program the participants will:

  1. Understand what an internationalized extension system is, its role, constraints and opportunities.
  2. Appreciate different socio-cultural contexts and how this relates to their work environment.
  3. Develop opportunities for greater international participation in extension.

Exploring Session 1

During Session One the learning team will:

  1. Explore the personal and professional aspects of working in different socio-cultural contexts and in an international environment.
  2. Address aspects of internationalizing extension including opportunities and constraints.
  3. Be aware of institutional programs focused on internationalizing IFAS and their role and opportunities in that process.
  4. Develop a team approach to enhance the learning experience.

Understanding - Session II

During Session One the learning team will:

  1. objective one: Preparing for international extension experience, discussions with experienced faculty
  2. objective two: What to expect during the international experience, discussions with Faculty and students of EARTH via interactive video
  3. objective three: Returning and reporting – expectations and assignments

Observing and Participating - Session III

  1. objective: to give participants first hand experience with people of other cultures during an organized professional development program

Sharing - Session IV

  1. objective one: Faculty, local officials and graduate students share experiences and lessons learned from their international experience

  2. objective two: Faculty, local officials and graduate students develop a personalized plan for sharing international experience.

  3. objective three: Faculty, local officials and graduate students report in teams back to local constituents and during professional association meetings.

  4. objective four: Faculty, local officials and graduate students prepare for international assignments, developing an international extension system for Florida Extension and hosting international visitors.